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Patented G-Tech Hand-Warming Technology for Athletes, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Spectators

Experience our heating technology that delivers warmth directly to your hands. Unlike other products that only heat the pouch, our patented heat grip helps your hands feel instantly better. And the rechargeable battery keeps your hands protected from the cold for up to 12 hours. Plus, we’ve designed the pouch with 3M material to lock in warmth, and the water resistant fabric helps shield your hands from the rain and snow.

Whether you are an athlete, outdoor enthusiast or someone whose hands simply have poor circulation, G-Tech’s hand warming technology can help relieve the pain and numbness in your hands caused by cold temperatures. From the rock climber who wants to boulder during the winter, to the golfer whose arthritis has kept him off the course during the chilly seasons, G-Tech is helping people to overcome climate challenges.

G-Tech was originally created to help professional athletes perform their best despite cold weather. Today, professional sports players around the world rely on our hand warmer muffs. Players in the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA trust the G-Tech brand to keep their fingers and hands warm so they can be on the top of their game. The same can be said for many golfers on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the Ryder Cup.


Now you can hunt or fish in comfort, even in the coldest of conditions. The G-Tech hand warmer pouch and hoodies in the new Realtree EDGE camouflage style help you beat the cold and blend with your surroundings. Designed with precision and quality, the G-Tech heat technology offers revolutionary warmth for up to 12 hours on one charge. With a backup lithium rechargeable battery, you can camp overnight and never have cold hands.


Professional athletes aren’t the only people who love G-Tech hand warmers. People from all walks of life swear by our hand muffs to help them enjoy the winter outdoors, whether they are outside for work, exercise or play.


Say goodbye to stiff fingers and hands caused by chilly temperatures. By heating your hands you can create circulation that heats your entire core body temperature. No matter if you have an early morning tee time or are playing in cooler temperatures, with a G-Tech hand muff strapped around your waist, you can defrost your hands with the fastest most concentrated warming technology available.

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